Terms & Condition on placing booking for Diving Resort & Eco Resort & Hotel
−Please confirmed your tour content before making any booking.−
<How to place your booking>
・Booking can be made thru FAX or E-mail.
・Terms and condition to cancel or amend existing booking is stated below.

・To secure your booking, an amount of deposit is required with one week from the booking made. Balance of the payment due date will be advise to confirmed the booking.
・Full amount of the payment must be made 14 days before the tour date (30 days for peak season booking.)
・Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
(Our company have the right to cancel any booking without any notice for any booking fail to meet the payment due date.)

<Changes and Cancellation of Booking>
・Once deposit has been made, no refund is allowed.
・Below is cancellation fee and amend fee for any confirm booking.
Calculation of days before tour is count from the day we received the information on working days (Monday - Friday 90::am - 18:00pm only. Should the information received on the next working day.
 Cancellation Charge (Per person)
 4 Days to 14 Days before tour・・・・・・・・・・50% from full payment
 Within 4 Days or No Show・・・・・・・・・・100% from full amount
 (For Mt. Kinabalu climbing tour, cancellation charge of 100% is from 30 days before tour.)
 (Cancellation charge during peak season will be different from information sated above, and will
 be inform durinf confirmation of any tours.)

<Waive of Liability>
・The company should not be held responsible for any reason for the company or any other company who is acting on behalf during tour:
1) Nature Disaster, Wars, Riot, Official Goverment Ruling, Failuer of transportation company or hotel
 to continue to tender their service.
2)Over booking, seat cancelled or booking is rejected by airlines company.
3)When the guest is late for check in or assemble time of tour and fail to check to check in or to
 participate for the tour.
4)Lost due to damage, robbery.
5)In case of the wound and the accident due to the mistake of the customer.
6)Bridging of local low and regulation.
・The air ticket of the airliner is issued by the control of the customer and airliner which are buyer, regards the thing where the customer is accepted in transit clause of that airliner.
・Concerning travelling, it depends on the law of particular country where tour is operated. There is no application of the stipulation which is based on the other country tourist industry law.

<Tour Cancellation>
・The company has the right to delay or to cancel the tour due to traffic condition, weather condition, participationg member is not meeting the tour minimum member.

Terms & Condition of Optional Tour
−Please confirmed your tour content before making any booking.−
English speaking, Malay speaking, Japanese speaking guide is available especially for tour which is not specifally mention on language used during the tour.

<Tour Fee>
・For Single Traveler please check tour fee with our staff.
・The companey has the right to change any part of tour without perior notice.

<Child Tour Fee>
Guest between 2 years old and below 12 years old is sntitled to use child rate.

<How to make the payment>
Payment by cash (RM, USD, JPY) on the tour day itself.

<Cancellation Chaege>
Before 12 noon the day before tour・・・・・・・・・・No charge
After 12 noon the day bofore tour・・・・・・・・・・50%
Cancellation Tour day or No Show・・・・・・・・・・100%
*It is based on our working hour (9:00am - 18:00pm)

<Waive of Liability>
・The company has the right to delay or to cancel the tour due to traffic condition, weather condition, participationg member is not meeting the tour minimum member.
The companey only act as an agent for airline, hotels, and restaurant and in some cases transport companies and it assumed no responsibility for liability in connection with the services rendered.
Neither will it be responsible for anuy act, omission, error or any injury, delay, irregularity, goverment regulations, theft or strikes over which it has no control. Whtere it is in the interest of tour members that an itinerary be altered, such alterations may be made without penalty to the companey.
・The company shall not held for responsible for any lost, damage, stolen luggage of guest. All guest is advice to handle their luggage on their own responsibility.

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